The Process of Counseling/Coaching

While some come to counselling or coaching to address a specific concern that is currently causing him/her difficulty, it is better to approach the experience as part of a lifelong learning process. Continuing to examine the biopsychosocial-spiritual aspects of our lives is an ongoing process that provides opportunities to evaluate our current state of growth and recalibrate/correct/refocus our efforts in each of these areas. That will help keep us on track toward our goals of happiness and prosperity.

Individual, Couples, Families

Whether coming into counselling/coaching as an individual, couple or family, the experience has to involve an examination of oneself.  Improvement in our couples, family or work relationships requires insight into what qualities, attitudes, perspectives, values and behaviors we carry with us individually. While often focused on specific areas of our lives, the broader goal of  coaching is to produce personal prosperity and happiness in all four areas of our lives and maintain the balance and harmony I referred to earlier.

The initial stages involve establishing a trusted relationship with your counsellor/coach that will enable you to explore your life in a comprehensive yet compassionate way. Once the things contributing to individual concerns and problems are identified and the biopsychosocial-spiritual implications are addressed, the focus can shift to the relationship issues. Learning essential skills, developing emotional connections and embracing the principles that good relationships are based upon, will improve our relationships with others and provide the foundation for future growth.


At this point I may encourage some clients to move into one of my groups to learn further application of the principles and skills, create greater support as well as accountability with others, learn from the experiences and insights of others, and continue the process of personal growth and relationship enhancement. Whether attending the group weekly, biweekly or monthly, group participation provides the continuing opportunity to process the ongoing experiences of our lives, maintain the progress achieved previously, and deepen our understanding and application of the principles and skills that promote prosperity and happiness individually, in our intimate relationships, as families, and at work.